About us


Company Info

With it's mobile app and it's desktop background, Swifno is an online platform that bridges the gap between customers in search of quality courier services and courier service providers that want to help customers experience the best in courier services.


App Usability (Swifno Mobile)

Swifno mobile is built with an easy-to-navigate UI - User Interface, alongside easy-to-understand features. Such that anyone who can use a smart phone is automatically a guru with the Swifno mobile app, all you need to get started is data and you're on your to getting the best courier services available in town.


Providing 99.9% Safe and Fast Delivery services

At Swifno, we have saddled ourselves with the responsibility of creating a secure platform to provide our customers with an array of the best tested and trusted courier service providers in the country. Hence, our customers enjoy the liberty of choosing from the best and in return they get 99.9% safe and fast delivery services.

Requirements & Policies

Our requirements and the way we run things as regards strategy and approach at Swifno, are very straight forward. As they are everyday online requirements eg; name, password etc. This further enhances the Swifno mobile app usability.

Courier Rating

The Swifno mobile app provides for rating by the customers/users. The app is built in such a way that it enables customers and users alike, to rate their chosen courier service provider after delivery is made. This in turn helps us at Swifno to evaluate the courier service providers registered on our platform.