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Swifno API - Public

Welcome to Swifno's Shipping API Service. Here are some pre-made requests for you to explore the API using Postman.


Merchant API Keys

You'll need your API keys, Download the Swifno mobile application .

There is only one Merchany key for your platform which can be used for both the test production and live production.

Think of your merchant key like a password:

  • Store it securely
  • Don't share it with anyone outside of your organization
  • Don't put it in any code on your website or in a Url that someone could find

Different calls in the API your merchant key. For example, creating and managing DeliveryRequesting for Delivery Prices requires your platform's merchant key. Check each call for the requirements.


NOTE: You'll need to create an environment in Postman, select that environment, and enter your platform's api keys in the 0 - Setup/Environment Setup pre-request script (documentation on pre-request scripts) to set the environment variables.

API Environments

EnvironmentAPI Base Url


  • Your platform will have the same Merchant API keys for each environment.
  • Data created or modified in each environment will not affect the other.
  • Data can be transfered from one environment to the other.

Delivery Test Environment

The delivery environment gives you the opportunity to see the go around of swifno delivery activities and also gives you the priviledge to copy the activity codes involved in the integration.

To access this link, Kindly Click here

API Pricing

Click here for information on our API pricing.


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